February 2, 2023

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Shirtless Nikita Kucherov Chugs Beer, Yells “F**king Back to Back” In Presser

A lock is a lock is a lock. The Tampa Bay Lighting successfully defended their title last night, winning the Stanley Cup Final series 4-1. What’s more amazing than my ability to call a desperation bet with absolutely no gambling credibility whatsoever is the completely savage press conference Nikita Kucherov had post game last night.

Kucherov showed up to the presser shirtless with a backwards hat and a bud light in absolutely legendary fashion. And after stumbling through a few lines of broken english and shitting on the Canadiens fans for celebrating winning one game “like they won the Stanley Cup”, Kuch wrapped up the gong show presser by pounding his Bud Light and yelling “fucking back to back” to the cameras.

Obviously Kucherov made a quick pit stop to the booze-filled locker room right after raising the cup, as any player that just wont back to back cups would do. And besides clearly making himself the most hated man in Canada, his press conference performance made one other thing obvious: Not a chance any of these guys will be sober for the next two months minimum.

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