May 28, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Shane Gillis’s new special is hilarious

If you’ve been missing some good, edgy stand-up recently, you absolutely have to give Shane Gillis’s new stand-up special, Live In Austin a watch. And the best news, it’s freeeeee.

He calls out the “Fox News” generation, tackles racism in football, and even his experience with the Special Olympics. Shane masterfully dances around these topics, (and more, including his sister’s heroin addiction) and then zings in with the punch when you least expect it.

He’s got that edge that would’ve easily gotten him an HBO special years ago, but now everyone’s too afraid that they’ll be cancelled for promoting edgy humor. Seriously, kudos for Shane for self-releasing a GOAT-ass special. Give it a watch if you’re in need of a reality check, and a good belly laugh. If you’re planning on staying in this weekend, add this to your Saturday night watch list, ASAP.

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