February 6, 2023

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Sexy Bernie Sanders is the Hottest Halloween Costume of 2021

Bernie Sanders Halloween Costume
Source: Dolls Kill, AP

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is really funny or really sad. The online boutique, Dolls Kill, recently listed a new product titled the “Trickz N’ Treatz Once Again Asking Costume Set,” which attempts to replicate the outfit worn by a certain American politician earlier this year. All copyright jokes aside, the outfit is clearly a rip-off of Bernie Sanders shivering at Joe Biden’s inauguration, sans pants of course. After all, what’s sexier than an 80-year old senator in mittens?

While Halloween is still a month away, the Dolls Kill is definitely coming out strong with this meme-inspired outfit. Then again, the picture of Bernie went viral months ago, and having to explain your vague lookalike of a costume won’t be much fun when you’re partying with friends. For those that choose to purchase the set, I would suggest a few simple additions to really sell the role. For starters, a shitty folding event chair is a must, and should be sat in all night as you engage fellow partygoers from behind your glasses and general-purpose facemask. Second of all, loafers and slacks will really get your persona across (don’t worry, sexy dress pants are the new bike shorts). Last but not least, you’ve gotta shave your dome if you really want to embody the slutty sanders himself. Trust me. It may seem crazy, but I guarantee you’ll be taking first prize in this year’s costume contest.

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