March 31, 2023

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Sean Avery is the King of Trolls

For all of you hockey savvy people out there, most of you probably have heard the name Sean Avery before. Avery was an NHL enforcer from 2001 to 2012 playing most of his career with the New York Rangers, a career for which he is entirely remembered for how often he would do shit to mess with people on and off the ice. Now retired Avery’s still been the center of outside controversy, often being reported for harassment and scaring the shit out of people with his aggressive nature, but asshole or not Sean Avery’s gotta be one of the funniest trolls when it comes to his most prized space in the whole country: The New York City bike lanes.

Avery mouths off to anyone and everyone, no matter if you’re a man, woman or child. He gives zero fucks because he doesn’t have to. This man was one of the most aggressive enforcers in the NHL during his career meaning he’s fought some of the biggest and toughest guys in the league, so trust me when I say he mouths off because he knows nobody’s gonna win if they try anything. Sean Avery’s a mouth because he can back it up and I’m absolutely here for it.

You gotta hand it to him, the guy’s a master troll. Seriously, listen to some of the shit he says to these people on the spot. No hesitation. The man’s a master of his trolling craft and is undoubtably one of the biggest bike lane menaces in the city of New York. His days of beating the shit out of people in the NHL are far over, but his career of starting fights over people misusing the bike lane has just begun. So far the man’s undefeated and in my opinion no one will ever beat him. Let’s just hope he keeps recording his interactions.

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