March 31, 2023

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Easy Ways To Be A Good Roommate

Throughout life, everyone will have their fair share of good and bad roommates. It’s always our goal to be a good roomie and make sure to live well with our friends or acquaintances. I’ve been lucky to always live with good friends and have minimal to no conflict overall. I think its important to always think of your roomie when making decisions and actively make choices that satisfy both of your needs. Here are just a few key ways I think my roommates and I developed strong bonds and like amicably with each other.

First off, I always shit with the door open. This is something that might seem taboo and frankly weird, but Ive always thought that is bring myself and my roommates closer together. When you think about it, but not too much, you’ll find that this makes conversation much clearer when one or the other is using the restroom.

I personally think communication is key in any relationship, and regular conversation brings roommates closer together. I like to always discuss our living situation and how we can better our relationship. What better time ins there than when you’re taking a fat shit after taco night? I can’t think of a better time. In my apartment, our bathroom opens up to the kitchen. This makes it easy for me to talk to my roommate while he’s making dinner and I’m pinching off a fat steamer.

Our conversations are unique and just bring us closer together. Then next time your roommate is taking a shit, I suggest you open up that door and get to know them when they least expect it. This shows everyones true colors and makes you respect each other in a different way.

Next, I always eat my roommates food especially if its something they really like. Why do I do this? It shows that I’m devoted to my relationship with my roommate and and taking an active interest in things that they enjoy. Sure, they might be upset if I eat their leftover favorite meal, but I think they appreciate that I’m trying to appreciate the thing they love most.

Sometimes, this can make your roommate upset, but as long as you communicate that you want to like what they like, they may turn the other cheek. I myself have eaten almost all my roommates leftovers this last week. While he was mad at first, I think he understands that I’m excited to share the same joys as he does. When in doubt, just eat their food. It almost always makes your living situation better and it helps you both develop a close personal respect for each other.

One of my personal favorites is to always leave the lights on in the apartment. There is nothing worse than getting home from a late night out with friends and coming home to a dark and scary living space. I always leave all the lights on in the apartment. this shows that youre interested in your roommates safety and their overall well being.

I myself am scared of the dark and if its dark I always sneak into his room to sleep soundly. With all this being said, you might think that this is a waste of electricity. Why not just leave one light on? Well thats just not good enough. I want to make sure if he comes home, he will be safe entering our space and can see everything.

For example, if I left a bunch of trash or dishes on the floor I want him to be able to see them so he doesn’t trip, fall and hurt himself or anyone he’s with. thats why I leave all the lights on 24/7. There are many renewable forms of energy and its okay to use as much electricity as possible. Even through our power bill is in the mid $1000s, its okay…… because we’re always safe.

I think that listening to music constantly as loud as possible is always a good idea. I especially like to do this while my roommate is asleep. Blasting music while he sleeps subconsciously makes him enjoy the same music as me. Sure, this may wake him up every once in awhile but the payoff is worth it.

Who can think of a better way to bond with your roommate than to have the same music taste as them? A way to do this is to blast music while they’re asleep because then they’ll start to like that song or genre without even realizing that you’re essentially brainwashing their decision making process. I myself do this at least 5-6 times a week and especially early in the morning on the weekends.

I wouldn’t want to bother him as much during the week, but I know he sleeps in late on Saturday and Sunday so I’m always sure to blast music around 6 AM on Saturday. This is just a smart and a quality decision for me and his relationship moving forward.

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