June 5, 2023

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Road Rage Fight Ends in a Gentlemanly Manner

Not every day that you see two guys beat the absolute shit out of each other and proceed to shake hands right after, especially in a road rage brawl. Two dudes were caught on video duking it out in the middle of a red light stop earlier this week only to end the scuffle in a gentlemanly manner by congratulating each other on a “good fight” and going their respective ways.

It’s obvious in the video that the dude with the man bun and blue shirt was dominating the fight. Not once do we see his opponent get a single blow in or even some kind of momentum aside from when he nearly fell into his own car. When you ask a guy “are you done” mid-fight you know even you are starting to feel shitty about how badly your embarrassing them in the brawl, though you’re both immature assholes who got out of their cars for probably something as ridiculous as getting cut off.

I mean look at the dialogue in this:

“Are you done?”

“Yeah, I’m done. C’mon bro, let’s go before the cops come. Great fight.”

*Proceed to shake hands*

We didn’t exactly see a suplex here which would’ve been amazing, but regardless, to see two guys say “good fight” to each other and agree to leave “before the cops come”, only to seal the altercation up with a friendly handshake is just beyond wild. Oh, and honorary kudos to the random guy who chimed in with “I’m glad you guys got that fucking settled” right at the end there.

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