February 2, 2023

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Real Life ‘Squid Game’ Happening in Abu Dhabi

Fans of the wildly popular Netflix series, ‘Squid Game’, will have a chance to play “red light, green light” for a real cash prize this week, minus the risk of getting your head blown off. The Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates has announced they will be organizing a 30 person (2 teams of 15) real life ‘Gquid Game’ structured around the style and games of the South Korean show. The KCC’s website explained 4 out of the 6 games seen in the show will be featured in the real life version, including “red light, green light” and “dalgona candy.”

real life 'Squid Game'

Now since this game’s being held in Dubai it’s fair to imagine only the very well off will be able to bribe their way into playing this game, but unfortunately there is actually no cash prize for the challenge. Regardless it will be interesting to see how things pan out and what level of detail and realism will be incorporated for the illusion that they’re actually ‘Squid Game’ contestants.

This first recreation of the show’s gruesome competition will definitely not be the last… or most realistic. I’m sure the Epsteins of the modern world are salivating at the idea of pitting the poor and desperate against each other for some sick pleasure, much like the “VIP’s” in the show itself. That being said if Bill Clinton and his band of rich pervs are handing out golden tickets to the chocolate factory, count me the fuck in. Honestly though I’d probably get halfway through “red light, green light” then get shot after accidentally farting too loud.

Here’s the sign up page for the actual event: LINK HERE

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