June 5, 2023

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Ranking the Top 5 Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scouts have just introduced a new cookie to their catalog. Called Adventurefuls, these brownie-based cookies are filled with caramel cream and topped with a chocolate drizzle. While they look and sound amazing, the Girl Scout cookie-selling season doesn’t officially begin until January. In the meantime, let’s take a moment to marvel at the organization’s greatest hits, and count down the top five absolute best Girl Scout cookies on the market.

5. Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos pack the perfect amount of crunch to peanut butter ratio that you would want in a bite-sized cookie. The only reason they aren’t ranked higher on this list is because they are basically indistinguishable from Nutter Butters. Tasty, but not very original.

4. S’mores

One of the newer additions to the collection, Girl Scout S’mores cookies give you the quintessential campfire experience without requiring any of the work. While marshmallow filling sounds pretty good, its propensity to grow old quickly keeps this cookie at number four.

3. Tagalongs

Now we’re getting down into the nitty-gritty. Tagalongs are clearly the superior peanut butter cookie on the Girl Scouts’ inventory list. They completely reverse the formula by placing smooth creaminess on the outside and crunchy goodness on the inside. Don’t pretend you haven’t used your teeth to scrape the top layer off a Tagalong. It’s simply too satisfying not to.

2. Thin Mints

Alright, bring out the pitchforks. Thin Mints are one of the most beloved cookies in America. Probably the most recognizable Girl Scout cookie to date. You can eat them like potato chips, and they’re great after a couple of hours in the freezer. Trust me, I know they’re good. That’s why they’re number two. But flavor-wise, there’s just no beating…

1. Samoas

Yes, it’s the delicious coconut caramel chocolate combo that scores number one on this list. My childhood lack of appreciation for coconut vanished after scarfing down a couple of these suckers. The flavor and texture combinations on this cookie make it undeniably delicious, without going overboard. It’s impossible to snack on a couple of Samoas and say they’re not the best thing the Girl Scouts have to offer.

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