February 2, 2023

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Ranking the Best French Fries in Fast Food

Ranking the Best French Fries in Fast Food

Everybody loves fries. There’s nothing like finishing a burger or sandwich, only to be rewarded with a pile of deep-fried potato sticks to spike your blood pressure. In the world of fast food however, not all fries stand on equal ground. Factors such as saltiness, texture, and volume are all very important when comparing this staple of American cuisine. For everyone out there wondering if they should order fries with their next shake, here’s a quick list that shows which franchises stand above the rest.

7. In-N-Out

Ranking the Best French Fries in Fast Food

Do you enjoy eating cardboard? If so, then In-N-Out fries are right up your alley. Being nearly tasteless, you know it’s a bad sign when you’ve gotta douse them in sauce, onions, and cheese just to add a little flavor.

6. Burger King/Wendy’s

These two are paired together because they’re nearly interchangeable. Both Burger King and Wendy’s go heavy on the salt, which can be tasty, but their fries are pretty average in every other category.

5. Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box will add anything to their menu just to make a quick buck. They don’t really have anything that stands out in the fast-food world, aside from their curly fries. Something about a french fry looking like a crispy slinky undoubtedly makes it taste ten times better.

4. Raising Cane’s

If you’ve had Raising Cane’s, then you know how great it is to get a basket full of chicken, coleslaw, texas toast, and crinkle-cut fries. The fries could be straight out of a grocery store frozen section, but that’s what’s so good about them. Nothing like a little cheap childhood dinnertime nostalgia to improve your fried chicken-eating experience.

3. Five Guys

When it comes to Five Guys, quantity definitely takes precedent over quality. But then again, the quality is still pretty good. You know you’re getting the best bang for your buck when you order a small side of fries, and the worker hands you an oversized greasy paper bag full of enough potatoes to feed all of Ireland.

2. McDonald’s

How could we forget the king of fast food? Or is it clown? Anyways, McDonald’s fries are so iconic, that the company has made them more expensive than a good chunk of their menu items, knowing that you’re gonna buy them anyways. Well played Ronald, well played.

1. Chik-fil-A

Whatever your stance may be on Chik-fil-A’s political values, you can’t argue that they don’t make damn good french fries. Not only are they a delightful waffle shape, but they taste great, and seem to be made from more authentic ingredients than most of the other restaurants on this list. If only they were open on Sundays.

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