February 2, 2023

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Radioactive Pigs Spread Throughout Japan

The world just keeps getting crazier. Following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, in which an earthquake-sunami combo triggered a meltdown dwarfed only by Chernobyl, surrounding citizens evacuated due to deadly levels of radiation. While the disaster and ensuing death toll were devastating, life has found a way to etch itself back into the biologically poisoned countryside. Wild boars are braving the nuclear fallout, and in turn, getting frisky with Japanese livestock. This shocking discovery was uncovered after scientists discovered nuclear DNA in escaped swine.

While extra eyes/limbs have yet to be discovered on any Japanese hogs, they’re certainly a menace to society. Radiation aside, wild boars are absolute tanks. Not only are they a harmful invasive species, but they’ll eat just about anything. Plus they’re ready to start making babies at six to eight months old with a pregnancy period of 115 days. In both Chernobyl and Fukushima, boars have returned to the disaster zones and thrived where humans could not. With nothing to stop them, these monstrosities have wiggled their genes into escaped sows and have created an unforeseen danger for the populace of Japan. In other words, I hope they’re not serving pork chops at the Olympics.

Wild boars aren’t just a menace to Japan. America has around six million of these invasive fuckers wreaking havoc on local ecosystems. In Texas alone, there are somewhere close to four million – hence why it’s legal to gun them down out of a helicopter. When I imagined the end of the world, I never thought it would be the pigs.

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