February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Quiet Guy Knocks Two Douche Bags Out Cold in Fight

Ah, nothin’ better to wake up to on a Friday morning than a nice cup of coffee and a knockout fight video. But what’s better than a knockout video? A double knockout video. With absolutely zero context to the story besides the caption “Bullies decide to jump the quiet kid…does not go well for them. LEAVE those quiet kids ALONE” all one can really assume is two cocky guys were talking shit and the one taking the verbal tongue lashing actually fought back.

Personally my favorite part of the video is when the chick starts screaming and freaking out because her unconscious boyfriend is out cold. I get it, fights can be scary, especially when someone gets knocked unconscious. But screaming? Really?! The dude face planted on some nice green grass. Not like he just smacked his head on a cobble stone road here, Karen in training. Simmer down.

Also can we point out the friend standing over the second guy to give him a 10 count? Fuckin’ hilarious. Absolute douchebag move, but still. When your less-than-macho buddy just knocked two guys out cold in front of their girlfriends and a ton of people ya gotta relish in it a bit. Then bail, of course, before the screaming lady calls the cops. Happy Friday, people!

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