November 29, 2022

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Pugs: Positives and Negatives

Lately, I’ve been considering getting a dog. The only hurdle I’ve encountered is what dog to get? I’m a huge dog person and you really can’t go wrong (other than a chihuahua because they obviously suck ass) with any option. I have narrowed it down to a pug most likely. What are the pros and cons?

First off, pugs are cute as fuck and are very cool dogs to own. Im a fan of the lap tog size and think that they can fit well in all situations. They’re hilarious because when they sprint they fall all the time because they’re highly unathletic. Also, they don’t eat that much which is a plus because I’m a cheap fuck who doesn’t want to pay for that much food. I don’t have to take them on runs because they’re way cuter when they’re 5 pounds overweight. Of course, a dog that size is way cuter than when they are super fat.

The negatives are pretty minimal. they snore really loud when they awake which is cute but after a couple years I would want to punt the thing because it annoys me when I’m trying to sleep. Also, they are small enough where they could shit behind the couch. I already hate moving my couch enough as it is so it would be a stretch to clean up shit behind there. I guess I would have to clean it up or it would smell really bad so that is a major con.

What should I do?

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