February 2, 2023

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Pros and Cons: Pizza

Pizza is an American staple. Yes, I said American. I only know two people who don’t like pizza and they are total creeps to say the least. However, while pizza is one of the better foods out there, it often comes with a cost.

First off, pizza is great for the taste overall. There is nothing better than lathering a shitload of bread with cheese, tomato sauce and more cheese. Pizza is a great community meal or appetizer at a gathering. Not only can you eat it with your hands, but for the most part its a pretty clean meal to each and isn’t overly messy. You can eat it on the go and it is a great option for a food fight.

Woman shits pants after eating an entire big sausage pizza.

However, pizza does come at a cost. Tthe farts are brutal. Everyone knows this. One of my best friends is lactose intolerant and his favorite food is pizza. He loved to eat it but he would be hopelessly shitting himself within five minutes of eating it. This started to become a health concern for me once he shit himself in front of me. He claims its normal but it just sat normal at all. Please be wary of those lactose intolerants who eat a lot of cheese or ice cream. I get it, its a disease but try not to shit anywhere but the toilet, just a thought.

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