March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Prius Vs. Rhino

Today, I learned that my 2015 Prius 2 is lighter than a standard African White Rhino. This information, while not shocking, speaks to the economic value of the Prius itself. It got me thinking, what would win in a fight between the two?

My Prius has a low center of gravity. With 5.1 inches of clearance from the ground, I know that the stocky nature of the Prius would give it the edge on the ground. Also, since the Prius is a hybrid, I know that the energy gained from the solar panels will give it eternal energy. This could wear the rhino down overtime and chip away at its stamina.

The rhino is larger than my Prius and hits harder in almost every way. Other than straight up speed, the rhino will overpower the Prius and stomp it out. Also, the rhino has a large horn that could easily destroy the Prius as its basically a tin can on wheels. I would argue that the skin of the rhino is tougher than that of the Prius, and in the ground game the rhino would easily opt a tire or shatter the door.

I have to give this fight to the rhino.

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