March 20, 2023

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Power Hours are the next generation of drinking games

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Beer pong too boring and no dice for 7/11/Dubs? Need a new game to quench your urge to binge drink your Friday night way? Look no further, because if you haven’t heard of Power Hours, then you need to head down to your local liquor store, grab yourself a six pack of your favorite beverage, and get ready for a night of fun, ASAP.

Basically, the premise is drink a shot-glass worth of beer, seltzer or cider, every minute, for an hour straight. Sounds simple and easy, right? That’s what I thought. Until the rapid pace and undeniably full belly start to strike. It’s six drinks over the course of an hour (which doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, the pace of the game keeps things very entertaining). Just pour your beer into a shot glass and rip one per minute – it’s honestly the ultimate PREGAME activity before a night out. And you need to be strategic… playing with Whiteclaw will leave you feeling oh so bubbly inside, but playing with Twisted Tea will lead to a sweet sugar hangover you’d never wish on your worst enemy. I’d say my power hour drink of choice would be a classic PBR.

If played right, it’s essentially finishing a beer every 10 minutes, which adds up quicker than you think. And you might question, “I need something to keep me on pace, I need something entertaining to REMIND me to drink every minute!” Lucky for you, there are more than several YouTube power hours (ranging from pop, to rock, to rap and even sports moments ones) that keep you and your buddies engaged and timed. With a new stimulus every minute, you can’t help but enjoy, plus the later it gets, the more rowdy you and your roommates inevitably become.

Here are some of my favorites to drink to:

Every time the song changes, you drink!

So sit back, relax, throw on a power hour of your choice and get your Saturday night started!

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