February 2, 2023

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Wild Police Chase Ends in Massive Crash

Police chases might be the single most exciting thing a news outlet can show and this clip reminds us exactly why. In a recent TikTok post by NBC News, footage shows a high speed chase taking place in a Rochester, New York residential neighborhood coming to a screeching halt when the suspects violently roll their vehicle directly in front of an apartment building.


A police pursuit ends in a car flipping over and being surrounded by law enforcement as the passengers try to escape on foot in Rochester, NewYork.

♬ original sound – nbcnews

It’s not clear what started the pursuit, however, who cares?! This is exactly the kind of content the people wanna see, NBC. More car chases, less COVID bullshit. Who doesn’t wanna see two suspects smash through their destroyed car’s windshield and escape on foot with half a dozen cops hot on their tail?

Maybe the funniest part of the clip is the dude running out of his apartment to see what the commotion was all about, only to sprint back inside when he sees a bunch of cops with their guns drawn on a rolled over vehicle. Take notes, news outlets. This the shit we wanna see!

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