February 2, 2023

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Pilot Spots Man in Jetpack Near LAX

Source: Mashable

On Wednesday, July 28th, a pilot descending into Los Angeles International Airport radioed the control tower in regards to “a possible jetpack man” flying alongside the plane. According to the pilot, the man was around 5,000 ft. in the sky. While the FBI is currently investigating the scenario, apparently this isn’t the first time people in jetpacks have been spotted above Los Angeles. This begs the question: are these reports legit? And if so, who is the mysterious ‘jetpack man?’

The pilot may be joking about seeing Iron Man, but could this be some billionaire tech junkie with too much time and money on his hands? There is currently no jetpack technology on the market that can offer sustained flight at the heights recorded, but that’s not to say the hardware does not exist. The United States government surely has some classified tech it doesn’t want the world to know about. In fact, many people believe that certain ufo sightings earlier this year can be attributed to secret government aircraft, whether it be domestic or foreign. However, it is unknown why any government employee would be hovering 5,000 ft. below cruising altitude in a classified jetpack.

After the ‘jetpack man’ sighting at roughly 6:12 PM last Wednesday, LAX put out a warning to all pilots in the region. It goes without saying that a reckless person floating through air traffic is a major hazard. After all, look what happened to Syndrome.

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