November 29, 2022

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Pets that Creep Me Out

Not all animals are fun to be around or perfect options for a life long companion. I wish more animals had the perks and traits of dogs but, sadly, they don’t. I have had some pets over the ears that most people don’t find particularly calming but heres my list of three animals that straight up creep me out.

First off, cats. Cats can be cute at times but overall I think they are total scumbags. If you really stop and watch them, they totally lurk around and seem like they always want to kill everything around them. I’m convinced if they were larger they would constantly try to kill us. they have some perks like killing mice around the house and keeping insects away but other than they they are creepy as fuck.

Next we have tarantulas. Tarantulas are just big ass spiders that are scary to most people. Overall they actually are pretty mellow mannered but they look scary always. They eat live prey also which is cool at times but also pretty scetch fi they get larger and larger as the food you give it also has to get larger and larger. If you are scared of spiders you are pretty much fucked.

Lastly, and pet snake. My friend in college had a pet snake, Benji. Benji was a python that we would only feed once a month so he didn’t grow too quickly and get too big. Overtime, Benji got strong enough to open his own cage. Snakes overall are very creepy and just slither around trying to be dicks all the time. Watching them eat was also really gnarly as we had to feed him live mice. Very creepy to see, don’t get a snake.

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