March 20, 2023

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Paddy the Baddy is the Future of UFC

Paddy’s coming up! 3 wins in the UFC with a fresh submission victory prove his ability, but there’s more to Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett than meets the eye. With McGregor we got the pompous, braggadocios persona of a dominant fighting force, but outside of the entertaining turmoil he causes McGregor really has no likability. with Paddy there’s more than just a strong fighter… there’s a respectable, relatable guy with heart.

In his post fight interview Paddy showed his true depth and character, shouting out a friend of his who’d only 5 days prior, committed suicide. After dedicating the victory to his deceased friend, Paddy went on to encourage all men who are struggling with depression to seek help, something iconic in a sport of absolutely no room for weakness.


Paddy’s got heart and with his deeply moving post fight interview he showed the world why he’s the next likable, up and coming fighter in MMA. Personally I was skeptical this would be McGregor 2.0, but now I’m convinced I’m gonna love supporting this kid way more on his climb to the top. Especially after he kept his word to T-bag his opponent like he’s playing COD. Absolute savage. Get em’, Pads!

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