February 2, 2023

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Orangutans are Just Hairy Humans and No One Can Tell Me Otherwise

It’s Monkey Business Monday folks, and today we’re talking about mankind’s fuzzy orange cousin. And no, I’m not talking about Ed Sheeran. The great ape in question is the orangutan, a magnificent creature native to the islands of southeast Asia. Why am I talking about orangutans you may ask? I recently came across a TikTok posted by @minorcrimes, in which the user drops her sunglasses into an Indonesian zoo’s orangutan exhibit. The largest orangutan in the enclose recovers said glasses and proceeds to wear them better than Elton John or Stevie Wonder ever could. This is the result:


So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story #monke

♬ original sound – Lola Testu

That monkey’s got drip folks. I see this fella becoming an instant meme for a brutal hangover or bad case of the Mondays. If anything, the suave orangutan embodies just how close humans are to their great ape cousins. In fact, this guy looks better than most humans do in their 30’s. I’ve heard the phrase, ‘Reject humanity, return to monke,’ but this guy is doing it the other way around. Welcome to 2021, where you can literally watch a species evolve in real-time over social media.

I can already hear people in the bleachers complaining about how this is animal cruelty and these intelligent apes don’t belong in zoos. While I would agree that these magnificent and intelligent beasts don’t belong in cages, this Indonesian enclosure looks like a Hollywood mansion compared to the measly ropes course that is the LA Zoo Orangutan exhibit. In a perfect world, the Donkey Kong wannabes would be swinging freely throughout the forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. However, due to deforestation, a lot of these apes are kept in zoos and reserves to prolong their species’ existence. Plus the free swag is pretty sweet.

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