November 29, 2022

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OnlyFans Sex Workers are PISSED

The content sharing website, OnlyFans, has been making huge waves in the news as of recent for a major decision to sever its ties with any sex worker related content on it’s platform. Though content depicting sexual acts will no longer be welcomed as promotable content, creators will still be able to post nude images and other non-sexual material. So why did OnlyFans, dubbed the next great boobie pic site, decide to cut off 70% of its own revenue stream? Because the banks told them to.

OnlyFans founder and CEO, Tim Stokely, explained in an interview with the Financial Times “we had no choice.” He notes how aggressive and controlling their bank partners have been, especially JPMorgan Chase who he says “is particularly aggresive in closing accounts of sex workers or… any business that supports sex workers.” While it’s ironic to see bankers of all people taking the moral high road, bottom line is OnlyFans has no choice but to cleanse itself of this explicit content by October 2021.

So what’s Becky supposed to do to pay the mortgage on the house she bought with videos of her shaking her bare ass on camera? Well poor Becky better learn how to post baking videos rather than her usual interpretation of “cake” or she might just end up fleeing to the Hub. As for the future of OnlyFans itself? Only time will tell us if this truly was the harpoon that took this porn whale down once and for all.

OnlyFans Meme
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