November 26, 2022

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One of the Best Hockey Goalie Fights of All Time

Whether you’re an avid hockey fan or just someone who tunes in to the playoffs, everybody loves a good brawl when the gloves come off. Hockey fights are some of the most exciting moments in sports and back before the modern era of cracking down on fighting there was no shortage of crazy bouts. Sure regular hockey fights are exciting, but there’s nothing like a center ice goalie fight to really throw the game into turmoil and get the fans so pumped up that half the audience shoots in their pants.

One of the best to ever do it, goalie legend Patrick Roy, was no stranger to getting his hands dirty in a bench clearing brawl. Arguably the pioneer of hockey goalie fighting, Roy was a surprisingly good fighter with more than a few bouts under his belt. Arguably his best fight performance came in a wild rival game between the Colorado Avalanche and the then Western conference-based Detroit Redwings. After a full line brawl broke out, Roy did what he does best: Provoked the opposing goalie, took his gear off, and went to town. Here’s one of the best hockey goalie fights of all time.

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