June 5, 2023

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OJ Simpson’s on Twitter and it’s Hilarious

The Juice is loose again, but this time it’s not the 405 freeway he’s taking over. The infamously acquitted OJ Simpson has taken over the Twitter world with his regular posting which is both alarming and hilarious to see. Either this dude is the victim of one of the worst cases of slander in the history of mankind, or he actually murdered his ex-wife and her friend in cold blood. Either way he’s got a Twitter now and given the circumstances of his situation it’s hilarious to see how out of touch he is with how the world perceives his tweets.

An overwhelming majority of his tweets are selfie videos of him talking about fantasy football or playing golf, but occasionally he will take a few minutes to discuss hot button topics like the Derek Chauvin trial. Yes, OJ Simpson has commentary about a murder trial. Thankfully The Juice is a master of avoiding Freudian slips so he’s able to keep his own opinions on murder a secret, but regardless to hear him discuss anything outside of his involvement in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is shockingly hilarious.

Whether this guy did it or not doesn’t matter at this point. If the public finds you guilty, you’ll always be treated that way and in the eyes of most people he’s the guiltiest free citizen in history. But given his presence and frequency on Twitter, The Juice doesn’t give two shits what people think of him. He’s golfing, playing fantasy football, and has now amassed almost 900k followers on the social media app.

I still find it funny when he says he won’t return to Los Angeles because he doesn’t want to accidentally cross paths with his ex-wife’s killer. Seriously? Look in a mirror, bub. Keep posting, Juice. We need more insanely uncomfortable videos of you talking about Dak Prescott.

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