June 5, 2023

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Off-road with All New Cali Raised Tacoma Skid Plates

For all you off-roading fans… Finally! The ultimate rough terrain protection has arrived with the all new Cali Raised LED Toyota Tacoma skid plate line. By popular demand from Tacoma rough riding enthusiasts comes a high-quality steel plate to provide your off-roading beast with a more complete armor set.

This line features seven different skid plate options to provide specific protection to different parts of your vehicle. From fuel tanks to rear shocks this kit allows you to pick and choose which areas of your vehicle you’d like to prioritize with steel plate protection for your off-roading needs. With an “add as you go” protection option you can pieced together the ultimate Tacoma skid plate protection for around just a couple hundred dollars per piece.

These plates will fit on any Toyota Tacoma manufactured from 2005 to the most recent models making these some of the most versatile skid plates on the market. With protection this adaptable, highly developed, strong and affordable Cali Raised LED has made protecting your off-roading Tacoma easier than ever. Go check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to their website for discounts and special offers!

Click the Link Here: https://caliraisedled.com/pages/cali-raised-led-skid-plate

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