February 2, 2023

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Normalize Sharing Desserts With Your Boys

How many times have you been out at a restaurant with your guy friends and you wanted wings… but your buddy wants potato skins, and another wants onion rings? So you get all three and then everyone takes a little from everything, right? For me, it happens pretty often. And it just works. There’s a natural harmony when sharing an appetizer with your boys. Even splitting a plate of nachos seems so commonplace.

So why in the WORLD can’t I share a slice of warm apple pie after dinner with my best guy friend? Why is it that when my buddy and I get a triple chocolate lava cake with TWO spoons, we get weird looks from the waiter and other patrons? Why is it totally normal to share appetizers with your buddies, but a group of guys can’t take down dessert together? There’s an uneasy stigma about sharing desserts with your guy friends and I’m here to put an end to it.

Desserts are by far my favorite food, I’ve rarely met a dessert I didn’t enjoy. Everyone always says, “leave room for dessert!” So after a long, heavy meal… one would think that’s much easier to do when you’re sharing half the dessert, right? There’s nothing better than sharing a delicious treat with someone you care about. End the stigma!

And, and, and… say you do have room, but you want to try the bread pudding and your buddy wants the giant cinnamon roll…. So what do you do? You get BOTH so you and your homie can have a little of each!! That sounds like the ultimate dessert option! But why is it so frowned upon?

My most common practice is to split the dessert in half upon arrival and then everyone has “their side.” You eat from your side, I’ll eat from mine. So it’s not like we’re feeeding cake into each other’s mouths by the forkful. Seems logical, but why do we get such awkward looks? Is it because dessert is usually a fork based food, rather than a finger based food? Is that it? I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with splitting desserts!

Here are some of the desserts I’ve recently shared with my boys and not cared once about what people around me thought.

Tres Leches Cake From Versailles – Los Angeles
Apple Filled Donut From Simmzy’s Manhattan Beach, CA
Principessa Cake From Sant Ambroeus – SoHo, NYC
Apple Tart from Solidarity Polish Eatery – Santa Monica, CA
Chocolate Cake from Harajuku Taproom – Culver City, CA

Don’t you just wanna dig in and split it all? I’m desperate to hear your thoughts. Is it weird to split desserts with your boys, or am I totally wrong on this one?

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