February 6, 2023

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Nobody wants to save daylight


Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels.com

I’ve said it once, you’ve certainly heard it once, I’ll say it again and you’ll certainly all hear it again. Fuck daylight savings time. Literally not one person on this earth wants the sun to go down as they’re enjoying their afternoon snack. It’s preposterous, and we put up with it year after year like it’s nothing. We humans are luminescent beings, we need light to be happy and thrive! So why the fuck would we still, in 2021, decide it would be a smart thing to start night one hour earlier?!?!

photo of mountains during sunset
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

And aside it from sucking overall, this isn’t hyperbole but, people are DYING!

According to the Washington Daily News “A University of Colorado at Boulder study published last year found that¬†fatal car accidents go up by 6% during the week after daylight saving time¬†begins. This leads to an extra 28 lives lost due to car crashes.”

Yeah, that’s right, like I said, people are DYING. From this friggen time change, that literally NOBODY wants. This time change throws everybody off. From waking up all disheveled to having our evening commutes look like they’re taking place at midnight, I haven’t met a single person that has ever been a fan of it.

We’re spending more money lighting the streets and less actually able to enjoy our lives. I’m a firm believer that after a long day’s work, one should stop working when the sun goes down. But when the sun is going down at four in the afternoon now, then what’s the point?

Although, I have to say, despite going out this weekend, I did sleep better and felt way more refreshed with that “fallen back” hour of sleep. But I have a sneaky feeling, this whole “fall back” scheme is just an invention to get us to pay the electricity companies more.

But I have little hope for change. I feel like we’ll just be stuck in this endless cycle of every spring being so overjoyed when we get to “spring forward” and another hour of life is injected into our veins, meanwhile every autumn we get so depressed falling back into the bowels of dreadfully dark societal norms, year after year. Let’s end it, once and for all. Or at least move to Yuma, Arizona where they don’t give a fuck about time changes.

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