March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Nobody asked for the T-Mobile basecam

I was watching last night’s Dodgers/Giants playoff game and was immediately taken aback when the broadcast quickly cut to the new “T-Mobile Base Cam.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see below for the absolutely ridiculous angle that certainly no baseball fan, let alone sports fan asked for…

Like what in the absolute fuck is the point of this angle?!?! It provides no value to the broadcast of the game, and also just adds to everyone’s confusion. How can anyone possibly enjoy this angle? I’m trying to sit back after a long day, relax and watch a baseball game. Not feel like I’m friggen lying in the dirt below the base.

It’s so stupid, it might honestly be the most useless camera in all of sports. This is just a case of baseball execs trying to overfancify the broadcast. Like the ref cam in the NHL or the pylon cam in the NFL. There’s just no point. Keep it simple and let me enjoy a God damn wide shot, please. It’s hard enough to try to follow the game as it is, I shouldn’t have to try to watch it from UNDERNEATH THE FIELD. Please, for the love of God, don’t ever cut back to the T-Mobile base cam.

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