March 31, 2023

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No More Masks on Flights or in Ubers… There is a God!

As of yesterday, masks will no longer be required to fly on any domestic flight as well as for most international traveling. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve read that correctly… NO MORE MASKS ON FLIGHTS! No longer will you be forced to sit in a middle seat for 5 straight hours slowly suffocating and killing braincells from the lack of oxygen. The Karens have lost their power of federal support, meaning if some middle aged blonde woman comes up to you and screams at you for not wearing your mask at least now the rest of the plane can collectively tell that lady to fuck off.


More importantly than the plane mandate drop, as of today both Uber and Lyft have announced they will be dropping their mask requirements for both drivers and riders effective immediately. What does this mean? It means two things: One, you won’t risk getting kicked out of an Uber because your friend forgot a mask or have to call an XL because nobody can sit in the front seat. And two, THERE IS A GOD!!!

Let’s manage our expectations here though. Sure, things seem to almost be virtually back to normal in Los Angeles for the time being. No vaccine requirements virtually anywhere, no more masked Ubers and the only mandate in place being for the metro but who the fuck still rides the metro? Life’s finally looking like 2019 again, but I warn you… enjoy it while it lasts.

Last year we had a similar timeline of events in L.A. and as soon as July hit we had a new wave of mandated bullshit to deal with. So I urge you, if you’re planning on taking it easy this summer… DON’T! Enjoy your maskless, mandate free hot guy summer and live it up a little. ‘Cause as soon as August hits, we’re fucked all over again.

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