February 2, 2023

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Nicolas Cage Starring as Nicolas Cage in the Next Nicolas Cage Movie

Cue the Nicolas Cage memes! Legendary action film actor, Nicholas Cage, is slated to star in a leading role for the first time in what seems to be many years. Only this time he’s not playing some escaped convict or edgy cop… Nope! This time Nicholas Cage is playing Nicolas Cage, a cameo role starring as a washed up version of himself (not a stretch for him at the moment).

The film titled The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is set to release in theaters everywhere on April 22nd of next year and is sure to be a future source of more Nick Cage memes to come. The dude’s a walking meme generator, I mean have you seen some of the faces he makes in his movies? Or random outbursts of yelling that make no sense in the scene he’s acting out?

Nicolas Cage

It’s so creepy but hilarious at the same time. Why this guy’s getting his own cameo movie is beyond me. I mean he is one of the best and worst actors in history, but it’s probably his globally recognizable face and brand that’s landed him a second chance in the Hollywood spotlight of starring roles. I honestly hope the movie does well for this guy. Would love to see a Nick Cage comeback similar to Keanu Reeves with the John Wick franchise. But when it comes to Nicholas Cage I guess we all win in the end with the hilarious memes to come.

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