March 31, 2023

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John Tortorella is BACK in the NHL

After a couple years off, John Tortorella is back behind the bench in the NHL. I couldn’t be happier about this. Torts is one of the most electric coaches in the NHL, and not because of his quality of coaching, but because he is the biggest asshole ever and a hilarious interview.

When he was the coach of the Vancouver Canucks, he walked over to the locker room of the Calgary Flames and tried to fist fight the entire team. He is so electric and its impossible for him not to get pissed off most of the time and do something hilarious. See link below for the altercation. This guy is the man he tried to fight the entire team and coaching staff.

Also, Torts has some of the best quotes of any NHL coach in his press conferences. He tells people to fuck off constantly and its as hostile as he possibly can be. Ive never seen a coach argue with the media more than him and he’s always sun to watch. Even if he’s in a good mood its still funny. Also, once he tried to use a stick and hit a fan from behind the glass.

Welcome back to the best coach in the NHL!!!

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