February 2, 2023

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NHL Western Conference Playoff Predictions

The NHL Playoffs have officially started and here are the matchups and my predictions. Most likely these hit 100% of the time.

Colorado (1) vs Nashville (8) – Colorado win this series in 5 games. The Avs are one of the best three teams in the NHL with way too much speed. I have a hard time seeing any other team come out of the Western Conference. They score as much as any team in the league and have one of the best defensive cores in the NHL.

Calgary (2) vs Dallas (7) – Honestly, I think Calgary wins this in 5 games as well. They have too much top end talent and speed to match Dallas. Dallas barley made the playoffs are could have missed. It could be a sweep but I think 5 games is a safer guess to be honest.

Minnesota (3) vs St. Louis (4) – This should be the best series of the first round other than New York and Pittsburgh. I think this is a hard fought 6 game series that St Louis wins. With a blowout last night for St. Louis, they made a statement. However, Minnesota has too much talent to go down in less than 6 games.

Edmonton (5) vs Los Angeles (6) – I’m a Kings fan and I love the way they play. However, even with a close win last night, I think they barley sneak out this series in 7 games. Mainly, I think this because it would be hilarious for the Oilers to miss the playoffs again.

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