February 2, 2023

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NHL Suspension: Biting Another Dude?

So I think I’ve officially seen it all now. Hockey players do a lot of crazy shit on and off the ice. This, however, is just next level. Brendon Lemieux, a young NHL player for my favorite team, the LA Kings, was suspended for biting Brady Tkachuk in a brawl. I just don’t understand this move. Seriously, what the fuck.

Based off Brady Tkachuk’s reaction, I think he bit him on purpose. See below.

While Lemieux is one of my favorite new players, this in my opinion in over the line. It is a slippery slope when any body part of another dude is in a guys out, so Im really not sure where he was going with this. I would rather him try to cut him with his skate honestly. While that is a more violent move than biting someone, I just can’t get passed the fact a dude was legally inside his mouth.

The NHL has seen players fight fans, referees, etc. Hell, a player once climbed up into the stands and beat up a fan with their own shoe. But biting someone is just fucked up and weird. The video above shows what happened, and its hard to see. In all seriousness, he probably should have been suspended for longer than 5 games.

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