February 6, 2023

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NFL Star Richard Sherman Gets Arrested

During the wee hours of last Wednesday morning, free-agent cornerback, Richard Sherman, was arrested outside of Seattle after trying to break into his in-laws’ house. Sherman, who spent the last three years playing for the San Francisco 49ers, has always been respected amongst his peers and community, and this unforeseen incident came as a shock to many.

Police in Redmond, Washington were first notified of Sherman’s suspicious activity when the NFL player crashed his SUV into a closed construction zone, and then proceeded to drive away. Sherman was supposedly under the influence and had been drinking heavily prior to the accident. After the hit and run, Sherman showed up at his wife’s parents’ residence and was caught on video yelling outside and making efforts to break down the front door. Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, called 911 and claimed that Richard had been drinking and taking antidepressants, along with threatening to kill himself. When King County police arrived on the scene, Sherman resisted arrest by attempting to flee and was only brought down after a K-9 unit was deployed, resulting in minor ankle injuries for the football star. 

Despite facing multiple felony charges, including domestic violence and a DUI, Sherman was released from King County Correctional Facility without bail on Thursday. King County District Court Judge Fa’amomoi Masaniai declined the requested $10,000 bail, referencing Sherman’s positive impact on the community and the unprecedented circumstances of his actions. Likewise, Ashley Moss has made statements in defense of Richard’s character, and how he is a good husband and father. 

While investigators look into the circumstances of Richard Sherman’s case, his future in the NFL remains unclear. Prior to his status as a free agent and San Francisco 49er, Sherman spent his first seven seasons playing for the Seattle Seahawks. Throughout this time, he helped the Hawks win a Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos and received five Pro Bowl selections. Hence, his arrest made for a shocking blow to the Seattle community.

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