February 2, 2023

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NFL Playoff First Round Bets

The first round of the NFL playoffs is upon us. It seems that people are leaning towards all the favorites, which is typical for the first round. Betters and gamblers are already planning their bets of the week, parlays and player props. But who are my favorites? Here are my to 3 to name a few.

First, hammer the over 48.5 in the Raiders Bengals game. This is not only the first round kickoff game, but also I think this will be the highest scoring outing of the weekend. This is gonna be a fucking shootout. All the players, fans and coaches alike are ready to blow their load all over the playoffs after a year of COVID protocols. Carr is gonna have a huge day and the Raiders defense is always a disaster in important games. Both teams go over 30 points each.

Next, Bucs -8.5. Just a couple units on this. the Bucs are going to handle the Eagles and I can’t wait to see how pissed off their fans are. I can’t imagine the Bucs lose by less than 12 points. The Eagles are trash I honestly don’t know how they snuck in this year. The only way the Eagles cover is if Bruce is to hammered to remember to not throw a screen pass on 4th and long with 2 minutes left.

Lastly, Ben Roethlisberger under passing yards. Kansas City’s defense is trash, we all know this. But Ben is done. He snuck in the playoffs his last year which is fucking awesome and cool to see. However, he can’t connect on anything longer than 35-40 yards at best and his passer rating is scary low. I love Big Ben, but I think he goes out like a 20 year old lightbulb this weekend.

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