November 29, 2022

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My Postmates Driver Can Go F**k Himself.

Last night I was feeling some Urban Plates. I was not in a position to drive late night and needed to have it delivered. I mean come on, we’ve all been there. I ordered my food and the projected time of delivery was 30 minutes. My order went through, and the waiting game began. At the 20 minute mark, I started to get curious because the driver still hadn’t picked up my food.

My driver was finally in route to my apartment at the 50 minute mark and I was getting restless. After an additional 30 minutes, the food “arrived at my door” which wasn’t the setting the I chose. I asked to meet the driver outside. When I checked, my food was never delivered and I am ready to fight the hole company.

Now, I am in an email argument with customer service because they insist it was delivered to my door. Funny thing is, you can’t even get into the building without a key and the driver never took a photo which is standard to prove they left the food at my door. This mother fucker obviously stole my food and probably ate it. Scummy.

I see only two ways to respond. First is to file a class action lawsuit against Postmates for defamation of character and borderline manslaughter. Think about it, they blatantly didn’t deliver my food and we need to eat to survive. That is disregard for my health and safety and the definition of manslaughter if you ask me. My next option is to create meme after meme about them and use the song “Work” by Rihanna over and over. I’ll l post them all on Twitter. Over time, this will drain them emotionally and physically to the point they break down and give me my $18 back.

This is total Bullshit.

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