August 16, 2022

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MrBeast Built Real Life ‘Squid Game’ sets that Cost $2 Million

Popular Youtuber, MrBeast, has done what only a rich superfan of the popular Netflix series, ‘Squid Game’, could do. At the low price of $2 Million the stunt enthusiast has completed life sized replicas of each of the 6 squid games from the series. His plan? Host a mock squid game competition with prizes up to $1.5 Million for those who win or come close.

Now I understand how some fans have tried to create smaller versions of the red light green light game, or the dalgona candy shape game for kids to play against each other, but this is on a whole other level. The dude actually spent $2 Million just to replicate the sets and make as realistic of an environment as possible. This is the Disneyland of show replicas, having so much detail you start to forget it’s all fake.

I’m curious to see how the other sets like the glass platform game or tug of war setups will look, especially given the fact that each team that loses is expected to fall to their deaths if they fail either one. I’m sure there will be some kind of foam padding or safety net to catch them before they get injured, but regardless it’ll be cool to see a bunch of American Youtubers competing against each other in the ‘Squid Game’ simulation for cash prizes.

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