February 6, 2023

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MGK and Megan Fox are Engaged?!

MGK and Megan Fox are newly engaged, an announcement the couple made public just earlier this week. In typical Machine Gun Megan fashion, MGK put the ring on Megan’s finger, then the couple proceeded to drink each other’s blood and suck farts out of the other’s asshole. Okay that last part was not true but the fact that it’s even plausible with this couple is hilarious to me.

These two celebrity giants have been making headlines left and right with their public, overly PDA’d relationship over the past year including some weird admissions of intimacy and creepy shit only vamp kids would do. Personally the only reason I even remotely care about this engagement is because of the unconscious presence of thought that every man on earth deals with thinking if they break up they might have a chance with Megan Fox. You know exactly what I’m talking about fellas.

Besides that, if you strip away all the glamor and money these two are just a couple of blood play vamp freaks with piercings in places even Jeffrey Epstein would question (RIP). So two botoxed-up Hollywood “heroes” have advanced their relationship from sucking face on red carpets to potentially having children in the future? Tell me more, People Magazine!

My prediction for this engagement? I think this one goes the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson route. A few years of decent marriage for the publicity, potentially a sex tape or two, a singular child with a name like “Downfall” or something fucking ridiculous like that and of course a messy divorce ending. But don’t worry, MGK and Megan Fox fans! These two will still be banging each other left and right after their inevitable break up. Yes, what’s a Hollywood “hero” without infidelity with an ex? That’s no fun!

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