February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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McGregor’s First Pitch Throw was Embarassing

I’m not usually one to bash the Irish, but at this point McGregor’s making it too easy. Last night famed UFC bad boy, Conor McGregor, threw out the first pitch at a Chicago White Sox game with the accuracy of a storm trooper from Star Wars. While the toss may have had enough power to reach the wall behind home plate, it was easily about 20 feet to the right of his target which easily brings his pitch into the discussion for worst first pitches of all time.

Maybe it was the ridiculously tight suit he was wearing as he always does that restricted his mechanics, or potentially his bionic metal rod in his leg threw off his momentum. But at the end of the day, excuses are excuses and when an athlete as well known as McGregor fucks up this bad at being athletic there’s no way we can’t absolutely rip his shit show of a throw apart. Again, lay off of the Proper 12, McGregor. It’s just getting embarrassing, man. I’m sure MGK and Megan Fox are having a nice laugh at this.

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