February 2, 2023

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McGregor Tries to Fight MGK at the VMAs

“Megan’s in me DM’s!” Conor McGregor’s at it again, trying to fight people in or out of the octagon, but this time he set his Irish sights on “punk rapper”, Machine Gun Kelly. Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet walk the Notorious lost his temper on Megan Fox’s boy toy for unknown reasons, though it’s widely joked that MGK denied McGregor a photo opportunity. Whatever the reason, McGregor exploded and began swinging his cane at MGK only to be easily stopped by every giant security guard around him, as usual.

As soon as he realized the rapper was clearly out of reach he found it wise to throw a glass of Proper 12 on MGK and Megan Fox which inadvertently made her already naked dress even more see through, so I guess we should be thanking him in the long run for being a tool last night. Regardless, it was typical McGregor fashion to talk massive amounts of shit and retreat behind his giant security for protection, barking like a little Irish chihuahua while MGK sort of just watched with a smile.

After the altercation a news outlet asked McGregor in an interview what happened, to which he told them all he even knew about MGK was that “he’s with Megan Fox.” A Legendary reply, nonetheless, but still, c’mon Conor. Why the hell are you picking fights at an award show nobody watches anymore? Lay off the Proper 12, bud.

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