March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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McDonald’s Breakfast is the GOAT

Okay, it’s no secret that McDonald’s has the most popular menu for fast food breakfast options. Out of every chain in California, Mcdonald’s owns just over 25% market share for fast food breakfast eaters. This is a fucking crazy stat accounting for 10s of millions of dollars every day. But, why?

McDonald’s has the options that get you through the day. The offer is great and if you think it’s average then you’re just an idiot. Also, the coffee is really hot so its funny to see your friends burn their mouth on it when they try it. In addition, one time this woman sued McDonald’s because she got burns on her legs when she spilled her coffee all over herself. What an idiot.

The hash browns are usually perfect unless they burn the shit out of them…. which is hardly ever. Not to mention the $2 breakfast burritos which are filling yet savory. Aside from the plethora of health benefits, McDonald’s offers the American flavor profiles we want tor a healthy and tasty breakfast. I advise you eat there this morning.

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