February 2, 2023

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Man Sells NFT Of His Farts For $85

In today’s culture we hear a lot of words and acronyms that we are forced to pretend we fully understand.  The newest of the kind are NFT’s.  What is an NFT?  Can anything be one?  Apparently, yes.  Earlier this year Alex Ramirez-Mallis sold an NFT, which was a “Master Collection” of his farts.  He and his friends created the 52-minute audio file as a way to communicate through the pandemic.  Ramirez claimed that he could identify members of his friend group, alone by the unique sound of their fart.  With the top bid for the “Master Collection” being $183, Ramirez also sells NFT’s of individual farts for 0.05 Ethereum, or about $85 a pop for a fart.

The most expensive fart in history has called into question what an NFT actually is.  NFT’s have provided even more proof to humanity that we will pay for just about anything.  We’ve shown this time and time again.  People now pay down payments for homes with pictures of their feet.  Someone out there is spending thousands of dollars on hypebeast alien clothes.  And now, we’ve found ourselves spending a week’s worth of groceries on something produced by a man’s asshole.

This man spent his life-savings on this outfit

 NFT’s unprecedented spike in price is the perfect microcosm for our humanity’s predicament.  The meme of the little girl looking back while a house burns sold for over $400 thousand.  The YouTube video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ sold for the same.   I am fully aware of why someone may pay this much for a meme, and just how much money they could make on it.  But are the most valuable things to our society really obscure memes?

I got it right here, all $400,000

At least the man behind the farts has acknowledged the absurdity of its value.  “The NFT craze is absurd- this idea of putting a value on something inherently intangible, they’re just digital alphanumeric strings that aren’t even farts, they’re just alphanumeric strings that represent ownership.”  Oh, shut the fuck up.  Alex isn’t wrong but he’s definitely a pretentious douche bag that spent months of his life recording his farts. 

Fuck you, Mallis

What Alex and his friends showed is not only that in this society, anything can have some sort of value, but also him and his friends have an unrivaled determination.  If you are aware of the average length of a fart, one can imagine how many farts that it would take to make a 52-minute compilation. I don’t understand the value of the fart NFT, but it certainly isn’t worthless for this reason alone.

If the message of this article should reach anyone, it should be our youth.  Kids, keep finding the most obscure and pointless ways to make money.  If I could do it all again, I would’ve started recording my farts, or selling pictures of my feet instead of working a 9-5.  But also, don’t do that kids.  Wait until you’re older. 

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