February 2, 2023

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Man Kicked Off Flight For Using A Thong As A Mask

Alright, a Florida man (of course) just got kicked off a United Airlines flight for wearing a thong as a mask. You would just hate to miss Christmas with the family for any reason, but this has to be the most insane move I’ve ever heard. Adam Jenne, photo below, is just a power move kind of guy.

He started arguing with United’s policy that masks are required until the plane reaches cruising altitude. In all honesty, I totally agree with him. Whats the difference? Why is a mask cool at cruising altitude but not 30 feet below? It makes no sense but the thong on the face was a stretch. I hope he at least washed it but my gut tells me he didn’t think that far ahead.

A flight attendant can be heard saying: “You’re going to have to come off the plane. We’re not going to let you travel.” The 38-year-old’s removal from the plane then can be seen to spark a show of support from other passengers, with several reportedly getting up to leave. There’s nothing more absurd than having to wear a mask until he gets to cruising altitude so that he can order Tito’s by the double and snack on pretzels. Frankly, him wearing a thong on his face is less crazy than that.

According to United Airline’s website, masks should be able to fully cover the mouth and nose – a condition which Mr Jenne claimed his underwear met. He said he has been banned from United Airlines flights and that he had previously been removed from a Delta Airlines flight for doing the same thing. So he is obviously that guy since he’s been banned from multiple airlines.

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