November 26, 2022

The Tap Daily

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Man Get’s Duct Taped to Seat on Flight

A Frontier Airlines passenger was duct taped to his seat earlier this week after groping two flight attendants while yelling that his parents are worth millions of dollars. Max Berry, a.k.a. Chad, was also caught on video screaming at other passengers and at one point swinging his fist at a flight attendant who was trying to restrain him. As a result the flight crew had no choice but to make the most savage move I’ve ever heard of in a situation like this and literally duct taped him to the chair.

This is absolutely fucking hilarious. They duct taped the man to a chair! Mid flight! And the best part is not only did they duct tape his body, but they wrapped his head and mouth in tape just to shut the guy up. Unfortunately the guy wiggled his mouth out of his tape mask, but it might’ve made things even funnier when he began asking other passengers for help to which they simply laughed in his face. What sucks is that Frontier Airlines actually suspended the flight crew for resorting to taping Chad down, which is an absolutely disgraceful response to the crew having to improvise in a situation that was about to escalate to violence. Let’s hope the crew gets reinstated quickly, receives a fucking medal for their taping skills and Chad here never gets to fly again in his entire life of douchebaggery. Hope nobody ever lets him live down the nickname “Duct Tape.”

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