February 2, 2023

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Man Gets a BJ During an Oakland A’s Game

Over the past couple of days a video and many photos have surfaced of a man getting a bj from a girl during an Oakland A’s game. I never thought this would be something I saw with my own two eyes, but its finally happened. This was quite literally a ballsy move for many reasons and I still cant believe this happened in real life and was nationally televised.

Man gets blowjob at A’s game on live TV for the world to see

First off, these two were at an A’s game and the A’s are quite literally the worst professional sports franchise in the world. Their attendance is consistently in the 5-10% range which is awful and there isn’t anyone ever who sits all the way up a the top if they don’t have to. I don’t think they could have been in an area in plain sight.

Unfortunately for the couple, it seems that this has started a media frenzy. The A’s organization is already a total joke and this doesn’t help their cause one bit. Also, now the cops are trying to find the two people responsible for the public sex act which, again, was in plain sight and on TV.

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