February 2, 2023

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Man Fined $650 for Excessive Gender Reveal Party

Back in April, locals in Kingston, New Hampshire alerted police about a loud explosion that shook nearby homes. After some investigating, officers made their way to the town quarry. Upon arrival, they were met by a small family party and were able to deduce where the blast had come from. The explosion was caused by 80 pounds of Tannerite, a legal explosive commonly used in firearm target practice. The family’s reasoning, however, surely had the cops rolling their eyes.

As if the article title wasn’t clear enough, the family was holding a gender reveal party – granted, an excessive one. Family member Anthony Spinelli was convicted, and just last Tuesday was able to secure a plea deal in which he must pay $620 for the dangerous celebration. A word to the wise: if you feel that a quarry is the safest place for your gender reveal party, maybe think about taking it down a notch. While no people or homes were harmed in the explosion, over-the-top gender reveals have certainly been a cause for concern in recent years.

Last September, Refugio and Angela Jiminez hosted a gender reveal party gone awry, in which a smoke bomb ended up sparking the El Dorado Wildfire in southern California. The couple is currently facing up to 20 years in prison for destruction of property, and the loss of one fireman’s life. Despite their utter recklessness, the Jiminezes have pleaded not guilty. If they end up getting pregnant again, I bet they’ll settle for cutting a pink or blue cake instead.

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