March 31, 2023

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Go Look Up Your Name on Urban Dictionary, You Won’t be Disappointed

For whatever reason the alternative definitions website, Urban Dictionary, is making a comeback as of recent. Once again Twitter is becoming an agent of strange trends, this time where people are looking up the definition of their own names and posting it on social media. I’m not gonna lie, at first this sounded dumb but once I started reading some of the definitions I remembered how wild and hilarious Urban Dictionary can get with describing words, so I decided to look up the definition of my own name “Kyle.” Boy was I satisfied with what I got.

urban dictionary

Apparently I’m an educated man, more specifically in the art of the vag. I found it wild they actually got this definition accurate, I mean the nicknames are spot on. My mom’s called me nothing but Mack Daddy or McSquirt since I could walk, something I guess comes with the territory of being a Kyle. At this point I’m considering legally changing my name to Mack Daddy, to which the lady working at the DMV will reply “oh you mean Kyle?” Where I will say “one in the same.”

I’ll admit there were literally hundreds of definitions to choose from the list, but this was the first definition of Kyle that popped up and it might be the most accurate of all. I am quite literally the greatest body you’ll ever see, and my jokes are unmatched. As for the scenario where two girls are talking about how wet they’re getting over talking about a Kyle, I can definitely see this one playing out in real life.

Kyle is a badge of honor worn only by those who can wield the power with which it comes. It’s a blessing and a curse, I’ll give it that. But at least Urban Dictionary got it right this time. If you want a good laugh and a great idea for a coffee mug to use around the office I highly encourage you to go to Urban Dictionary, look up your name and scroll. You won’t be disappointed.

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