February 2, 2023

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Let’s Stop Pretending You Don’t See a Text Message in the First 3 Minutes. You’re Lying to Yourself

Can we finally point out the elephant in the room that everyone knows is annoying but nobody wants to acknowledge is a thing we all do? According to Forbes over 95% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes and yet we refuse to respond any sooner than 30 minutes later. I don’t know how or why this ridiculous game of delayed text tag ever started but I’m sure it has something to do with people not wanting to seem desperate by responding too early to a message. But are you really fooling anyone into thinking you haven’t read that “what’s up” text in the last half hour? No. Nobody believes that, Jenny.

Text message meme

In this day and age where every single person on the planet pretty much has a smartphone on them 24/7, you really think somebody’s not checking that thing every time their pocket vibrates? What’s worse are those people who pretend they never saw it in the first place and “forget” to respond, even though SinglePoint says 99% of texts are opened in general. Why people are so reluctant to risk seeming eager to respond to someone’s text too soon is beyond me, yet if we reply too early or we don’t wait as long if not longer than the person we’re texting took to reply then we have the lower hand in the conversation.

It’s a conversation, people. Not a joust. The only rules are read and respond. Everything else is a ridiculous societal standard and this one in particular makes you all act like a bunch of teenage girls who don’t want the gossip to turn against them for replying too soon to their crush. Stop acting like a child, man up and reply when you read it like a genuine person. Let’s break the mold, people.

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