February 2, 2023

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Let Sha’Carri Richardson Run!

Dammit America, you’ve done goofed up again. As you’ve probably already heard, Sha’Carri Richardson, a U.S. Olympic Sprinter, has tested positive for marijuana and has been suspended for one month. This breaking story comes mere weeks before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are set to begin.

Source: NY Times

Athletes, celebrities, and civilians all took to social media following this shocking announcement. Statements range from criticizing anti-drug laws, to accusing the United States of racist policies (shocker). Sha’Carri herself took to Twitter as well, claiming, “I am human.” During following interviews, Richardson explained how she was only using the substance to help her cope with the loss of her recently deceased mother.

This is honestly wild. It’s 2021 and we’re still punishing able-minded adults for using a substance that does less harm to your body than alcohol or tobacco? As someone who has done plenty of running and indulged in the devil’s lettuce, I know for a fact that using one definitely does not enhance the other. That’s why Richardson is in trouble is it not? For utilizing a so called “performance enhancing drug.” Grow up America and let Sha’Carri run.

While she will not be able to participate in the July 30th qualifying women’s 100m race, Sha’Carri Richardson will hopefully be making an appearance in the 4×100 relay after her suspension is lifted.

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