February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Friday FIGHTS! Leafs Fan Unleashes on a Male Karen

Fights are back, babay! God I love hockey. What’s better than seeing a couple of massive dudes dropping the gloves on the ice and throwing some hands? Watching a fan fight on the other side of the glass. At a Maple Leafs game last night two fans got into a brawl after one allegedly put their hands on a lady, an offense for which any respectful gentleman will rightfully answer to the bell.

Though the clip pretty much starts with the younger guy ground and pounding the older offender it’s obvious the fight was completely one sided. A tip for all of you older gentlemen who decide to grab a girl’s ass at a hockey game? Take your goddamn glasses off right after because someone’s gonna sock you directly in your four eyed face. Who the fuck starts shit at a hockey game? Clearly a decent percentage of Toronto natives are going to be hockey players and not put up with bullshit like that, especially Leafs die hards.

True or not ya gotta hand it to the kid, he stood up and did something most beta millenials refuse to do… throw hands when they need to be thrown. Props to the kid. Hopefully Jerry will think twice about grabbing asses with the leaky face he got after this one.

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