February 2, 2023

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LA Sports are Dead

Alright, I have to be honest here. Typically, LA sports teams are very strong. This city has the most pro-teams of any other city in the United States and they are usually amongst the top teams in the league. Right now, this isn’t the case other than football.

The Dodgers suffered a tough NLCS loss a few days back and they were arguably the best team in the league. Injuries really hurt them down the stretch and some spotty pitching really took them out of this one. Also, the LA Kings are one of the worst teams in the NHL this year. they should finish in the lower middle of the Pacific Division this year but that division sucks and all the teams are awful.

the Lakers are a fraud. Lebron James refused to run up the court on offense numerous times while they were down 30+ points. Don’t even get me started about this guy. He claims he is the GOAT and pulls shit like that. He is an all-time great but he has never and will never be the GOAT. Settle down Bron Bron.

Lastly, the Rams and Chargers are legit. We will see if either of them can pull it off this year because they both have the talent. Just hammer the over for both teams the rest of the year and make some money.

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